Building an Effective Board
Without a doubt, the good-governance guidelines have helped companies avoid problems, big and small. But they’re not the whole story. If a board is to truly fulfill its mission—to monitor performance, advise the CEO, and provide connections with a broader world—it must become a robust team - one whose members know how to ferret out the truth, challenge one another. The highest-performing companies have extremely contentious boards that regard dissent as an obligation and that treat no subject as undiscussable.
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Legislative Platform for Board Work in Denmark & the Nordic Countries

Companies Act
Please see the Companies Act here. Download pdf-file

Handbook of the Board in Denmark 
See here. Download pdf-file

Nordic Countries
See the Corporate Government Model of the Nordic Countries


Ethics & Board Room Culture
The composition of the board, requirements and responsibilities placed in international perspective. What are the requirements to the board in the future?
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